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Intro Post

My strengths are my open-mindedness, outgoing attitude, and my yearn to step outside of my comfort zone! I am always eager to listen to divergent perspectives and push my preconceptions aside. I love to learn from new people and hear their stories. Furthermore, I have a very outgoing personality — I am not nervous to meet new people or experience new places. I am excited to leave behind my American customs and absorb a new language and way of life!

I love speaking Spanish and learning about new languages and cultures. I grew up in a tiny town in south Florida, so I have always been excited to travel! The summer after my sophomore year, I participated in Milton’s Spanish Exchange Program and stayed with a host family in Madrid. I immediately clicked with my host family, the Arroyos, and returned to Spain last summer to stay with them again. Through immersing myself in the Spanish culture and language, I made amazing friends and memories. I am eager to repeat this experience in the DR!

I hope to gain a broader, more nuanced perspective of the Dominican way of life and language. I want to challenge myself to speak exclusively in Spanish and mold my behaviors to model the Dominicans around me. I hope to grow as a traveler, Spanish student, and individual through this program. ¡Hasta luego!