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¡Hola! Me llamo Ryan y estoy en el año doce en MDI. Paso mucho de mi tiempo afuera, si estoy jugando fútbol o tenis, hacer caminata o montando un bici en las moñtanas, o simplimente descansando en hamacas con mis amigos (sin embargo, todas estas actividades son dificiles para hacer todo el año, ¡a causa de los inviernos de Maine!) Me gusta mucho hacer musica tambien, y toco las baterias y el piano.

“We travel, then, in search of both self and anonymity […] Abroad, we are wonderfully free of caste and standing.” – Pico Iyer

This quote, while only one of many brilliant truths from the “Why We Travel” essay, is emblematic of what I feel truly incites the desire to travel in people. For me, being in a new place with different problems to solve is really very freeing, and allows me to sort of isolate the variable of myself, if that makes any sense. It becomes difficult to truly understand your own motives, joys, and even thoughts when you repeat the same tasks every week on an island surrounded by people you’ve known since birth. Travel, I think, is the most efficient way to stop yourself from simply “going through the motions”. It can automatically create that sense of change and introduce problems you haven’t faced since childhood, like having to re-learn basic communication. I think things would get boring otherwise!

In terms of strengths, I hope to fuel a sense of excitement in the group, while being a stable presence. It usually takes a lot to make me angry, upset, or discouraged, so ideally my calmness could be contagious, in a sense. I also feel like I could potentially be a resource for other group members if they need a little help communicating early on because I’m one of only three of us that have taken Spanish IV.

I’m so unbelievably excited and grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to meeting the dragons in person!