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Introducing Myself

What’s up everyone! My name is Niyanna Allen, most people call me Niy but either or is fine with me. I’m a senior at Watkinson and from Hartford, CT. I believe that stories are very powerful and I love to tell them, usually through photography and videography. I’ll have my camera with me on this trip with the plan to take thousands of photos and video when I can.

The only other country I’ve been to is Jamaica, as a lot of my family is from there. That was the first place I’ve ever traveled to as a small child. Even though I know Jamaica and Jordan are two completely different places, I’ve still had that experience and understand the differences in cultures. I know for a fact that going on this trip, it’ll change me, even if it’s in the tiniest way. I can’t wait to learn about a new culture that is very different from my own. This trip will remind me that the world doesn’t follow the American culture, which doesn’t mean another culture isn’t just as worthy. I plan to bring back many souvenirs and knowledge to my family and friends. I’m super excited to get to Jordan!