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Hey Everyone!     ! مرحبا

I’m Avery, a 12th grader at Watkinson School. I’m absolutely thrilled to be boarding our flight for Jordan tomorrow! After working to bring this trip to fruition over the past two years, looking at the finalized itinerary is surreal. In the early phases, my primary concern was balancing the amount of time we spend in the westernized and more traditional parts of Jordan. Dividing our trip between Amman and the Wadi Rum area seems like the perfect solution, and I’m excited to get to know each facet of the country.

Since last September, I’ve also been studying Arabic. In preparation, I’ve been piecing together short phrases and sentences that might be useful during our stay. I’m looking forward to testing my skills and expanding my knowledge of the language. I believe that being able to communicate (or at least an attempt to) is a unique route to deeply understanding somebody’s perspective and background.

Again, I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to share this experience with you all!

See you soon!

Avery Schmitz