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Hola! I’m Dawson, I am 18 years old and a senior at MDIHS. I am an avid musician, primarily on drums but I also love playing guitar. I am very interested in history and I am going to college in Canada majoring in archaeology and minoring in music. I have always loved to travel and explore new places and cultures and I have been fortunate enough to do so in the past. As a group, we recently read the essay “Why we Travel” by Pico Iyer. I decided to pull this quote: “Travel is the best way we have of rescuing the humanity of place and saving them from abstraction and ideology.” This quote speaks to the importance of empathy and fighting indifference. When we hear about a a country in the news, it is so easy for us to separate ourselves from that place and the people who live there. It goes hand in hand with the classic “us and them” attitude, and attitude that is at the roots of much of the world’s problems. Travel is one of the few ways we can fight this problem because it allows us to connect with other people and cultures.

I always try to get the most out of experiences like this upcoming trip, I feel that I work well with groups and I am comfortable with interacting with people I’ve never met. I am also looking forward to providing some musical entertainment for the group!            See you soon!