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Hola, soy Rachelle Swanson. Tengo 16 años. Vivo en un lugar muy bello y pienso que vivir aquí me ha dado una apreciación por el medio ambiente. Yo amo viajar y ver lugares nuevos y amo estudiar idiomas. En my vida quiero aprender hablar francés e italiano con español.  Estoy muy emocianante por el viaje y pasar tiempo con las personas nativas, espero que yo hago un relación buena con mi familia ahí y aprendo como son sus vidas.

“Both of them insist on the fact that reality is our creation, and we invent the places we go as much as we do the books that we read. What we find outside ourselves has to be within ourselves to find.” This quote from “Why We Travel” spoke a lot to me on how we each individually interpret our experiences, why the effects travel has can be so different be so different on people. We can create ideals and images of places, our fantasies of what they’ll be like, but the way a place really is, can be ultimately up to us. How we choose to view it or learn from it reflects a lot on our person. Traveling to a remote village can feel like visiting the richest place on earth to someone, yet a modern city might feel too confining and busy. What we learn about ourselves from travel can ultimately come from realizing the type of place we create regardless of whether it is reality or not, what about us gives us this  point of view?

I think a strength I can bring to the group is my observation and analysis. I analyze things a lot because I want to be able to really understand whats around me or what I’m learning. I think this will help me get the most out of the experience as well as connect with my group.