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¡Hola! My name is Julia Link and I am a senior at Mount Desert Island High School. Living on the island my whole life, I am beyond excited and ready for this opportunity to travel to Guatemala. This will be my first experience out of the country and am ready to expand my view and thoughts of the world. Recently in our Guatemala studies class in school, we read a piece by Pico Iyer called “Why We Travel”. This was an eye-opening piece to read with many points sticking out to me. One quote that I held onto read as: “Our highest moments come to us when we’re not stationary.” This quote stuck out to me a lot because it is a concept that I truly live by. When one repeats the same day over and over again, hopes, dreams, and imagination are lost. There is no wonder in what the day will bring, it is already pre-determined; what-ifs and adventure are gone. One’s eyes and mind are shrunk and in order to grow and reach one’s full potential one must OPEN THEIR MIND. Look at the possibilities of life and don’t be held back by a sense of comfort and security. Strive to reach your full potential and get lost in it. This leads to strengths that I bring when traveling to Guatemala. I try to live each day with an open mind and seek new experiences and possibilities every day. This will be extremely important when embarking on this trip as I don’t believe one would be able to gain the full impact of the experience if they go into it with a fixed mindset. That is why I practice and open mindset every day so I am prepared for experiences like this.

I am beyond excited to open my eyes to new wonders of the world and see, smell, hear, and feel things I have never before.

¡Adios, buen día!

Julia Link