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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

ISP Cooking Day 6

Hello everyone!

I know you missed us and our delicious recipes as we were unfortunately in some random place in Peru. 😉  In all seriousness, Machu Picchu was amazing and I know my dad is still waiting for the numerous photos I took. Sorry I am getting a little off track. Today for our sixth day of our ISP and entering the final week for the projects, we made Spaghetti a la Huancaina and Pastel de Choclo. Just a quick note, Daniela made the Spaghetti a la Huancaina with fried mushrooms and I made it with fried shrimp. I will be writing about the Pastel de Choclo and Daniela will be writing about the Spaghetti a la Huancaina.

Personally I thought the Pastel de Choclo was delicious. However depending on how well you stir your mix and how they rise and bake, the results will be very different. For example, I really enjoyed Daniela’s crust as it was a much sweeter and crispier than mine however she enjoyed the inside part of mine as it was a lot softer. Obviously when you bake this, no cake will be perfect and each one will be delicious in its own way. So here it is. The first desert we have made so far. Pastel de Choclo.


3 Choclo (Peruvian Corn)

3 Eggs

2 Cups of Sugar

130g Butter

2 Cups of Flour

How to Cook:

a) Take your corn and cut off kernels and put in bowl. *When cutting it is more efficient to use a knife to cut off the kernels but more dangerous so I would suggest using a fork.

b) Crack open the 3 eggs and put in another bowl.

c) Put 3 cups of sugar into a bowl and add butter.

d) Cream the butter and sugar

e) Add the egg to your mix. Mix well.

f) Blend corn and mix into bowl with your mix

g) Buter and flour the pan, extra flour goes in the mix.

h) Add batter to pan and throw raisins in. *Emphasis on throw your raisins in because you want them in the middle of your bread not on top after it has risen.

i) Stick thin long pieces of cinnamon in semi vertically. *This is more for taste as it bakes but you do not necessarily need to add this. (I’m not a big cinnamon fan so I didn’t enjoy it that much)

j) Sprinkle a packet of anis tea on top. *This is also optional but I would recommend you add this as personally I found this addition to be delicious.

k) Bake at 180° for 1 hour.

I hope you enjoy the first of three desserts that we will be making this week. Also make sure to check out Daniela’s Spaghetti a la Huancaina post. And as always, ciao for now! 🙂