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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

ISP Cooking Day 8

Hello everyone!

Today we made four courses. For our entree, I made a Peruvian Adobo and Daniela made Capchi de Avas. For dessert we made Masamora Morada and Chicha Morada. I will be writing about Peruvian Adobo and Masamora Morada and Daniela will be writing about Capchi de Avas and Chica Morada.

Personally I come from a Filipino family that has adobo at least once a week. The Peruvian Adobo I made today was a bit spicier than the adobo I usually have because I cooked it with a chile pepper. Now this dish takes a lot of time so I would suggest making this during the weekend or a lot of time in advance if it is for a family dinner during the week. For the Masamora Morada, I personally loved the dish. The dish is made from purple corn very common in dishes in Peru. For those who do not know, Masamora Morada is a purple colored pudding. The dish was very sweet but the cinammon we added on top really balanced out the flavor. I hope you enjoy these two dishes and also make sure to check out Danielas vegetarian option.

Ingredients for Adobo:

2 tbsp Garlic

12 kilo Adobo (Chicken can also be used)

300g Chile red paste

1 cup Pork Broth

1 tsp Salt

12 tsp pepper

12 tsp Cumin

3 leaves Herbabuena (look up this ingredient as we could not find a translation during class)

1 tbsp Olive Oil

12 Onion

1 Pepper

How to Cook Adobo:

a) Take your meat and put salt, pepper and garlic on it. Mix well.

b) Put chile red paste in a pot and cook. After 3 minutes put the spiced meat inside to cook as well.

c) Add pork broth, herbabuena, olive oil to the mix. Mix well.

d) Let it sit and cook for 3 hours. *This is the part that takes a while. We used a pressure cooker so it took us about 10-15 minutes to cook so if you have one of those then it would save a lot of time.

e) After 3 hours, taste and add salt as needed. After add onions (cut in medim sized slices the long way) and also add one pepper.

f) Add oregano and mix well.

g) Let it cook for about 3 minutes with the onions and peppers.

h) Add to final plate and enjoy!

Ingredients for Masamora Morada:

6 tbsp Chuño powder

1 cup Water

2L Chica Morada

1 cup Sugar

10-20 Raisins

How to cook Masamora Morada:

a) Use the steps from Danielas recipe of Chica Morada to make Masamora Morada afterwards.

b) Put the chuño powder in 12 cup of water to dissolve

c) Strain out chica and add sugar

d) Mix and taste, add more sugar if needed

e) Pour in the disolved chuño and mix

f) Mix and boil down to a more pudding texture

g) Sprinkle ground cinammon on top.

h) Sprinkle in raisins

i) Add to final plate and enjoy!

Ciao for now 🙂