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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

ISP Cooking Day 9 :(

Hello everyone…

I am here with some very sad news. Today we had our final day of cooking with Andrea our wonderful instructor. Cooking as an ISP has been a very rewarding experience and I am excited to share my new skills with my friends and family. For our final day we made two very contrasting dishes. One was Picarones, a very sweet, fried, sweet potato and squash dish with a very sweet sauce that you can find in Danielas recipe. The other dish that I will be writing about is Chile Rellenos, a spicy vegetable and meat stuffed pepper that you will definitely need a glass of milk or ketchup with. So here it is. Chile Rellenos.


6 small slices of beef

34 tsp Salt

12 tsp Pepper

100 mL Water

2 tbsp Flour

50 g Carrots

50 g Peas

How to cook:

a) Boil peppers with one cut opening. Before boiling gut the pepper.

b) Cut onions into small squares

c) Add to pan and cook

d) While the onions cook cut beef into small squares.

e) After add beef with onions, and add water.

f) Once beef is a light brown, add peas and carrots, let it cook.

g) Add 12 tsp of salt and 14 tsp of pepper.

h) Cook till the water has soaked into the mix.

i) Stuff the cooked mix in boiled peppers.

j) Stuff the cooked mix in boiled peppers.

k) Beat one egg white to stiffsoft peak. After beat in yolk.

l) Add 14 tsp Salt and 14 tsp pepper and 2 tbsp flour to mix.

m) Dip opening in egg mix and fry

n) Add to final plate and enjoy!

Thanks for tuning into all the yaks over the past three weeks. We had an amazing experience and hope you enjoy all the dishes we have shared with you.

Ciao Ciao 🙂