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Itinerario Final

¡¡Hola amigas!!

Queríamos compartir con Uds el itinerario final de nuestro viaje. Durante nuestra orientación tendremos una oportunidad de revisarla en más detalle pero por ahora dejamos el itinerario aquí. This is for parent and loved ones reference as well. It doesn’t actuallyt diverge from the original itinerary that Claire shared with you since the beginning.

March 15—arrive to Santiago and head to Finca La Protectora for our orientation and settling in

March 15-16—orientation activities, touring the farm, outing to the beach, visiting the mangrove and evening dancing

March 17—departure from the finca and head to Santiago, settle into homestays, visit the language school ALPI and have our first dance lesson

March 18-21—time in Santiago in homestays, dance classes, language classes, music classes, visiting around Santiago, debriefs and daily reflections

March 22—have breakfast in homestays and off to Cabarete, workshops and time spent with the DREAM project learning about bachata and playing instruments

March 23—outing with the DREAM project, celebration

March 24—beach and reflection time, depart for Santiago and farewells

Let us know if you have any questions. As of this evening I will be in the DR and Julio is here too so we’ll be checking the yak board for any questions you might have.

Estamos muy [email protected] de conocerlas y pasar un viaje enriquecedor con uds.

Un caluroso abrazo y hasta prontito,

Julio y Raquel

p.d. Adjuntamos algunas fotos de la Finca y de Santiago.