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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Langa Homestay

Today the students have started their homestay in Langa, Flores. After we got a warm welcome from the homestay families, served with Langa homemade coffee, cassava and corn from their own harvest. Students started to introduce themselves in Bahasa Indonesia. We could feel the athmosphere of welcoming new member of family in their home, and some mothers hugs their new kids, brothers gave their high five greetings, sisters giggling and with still shy hugs to their new sisters.
They will be with their new family this week end, getting to know every member of the family and learning about daily life in Langa. We are all grateful for the warm welcome (and cool air) here. As the students settle into their new home, they will also be creating a schedule for our time here. We will discuess topics about local agricultural systems, access to healthcare and education, and asking what are the local practices of religion in this region of Indonesia.