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Last day!!

  1. Sabah al khayer (good morning)!

The past 24 hours has been bittersweet.

Yesterday, we started the day with an arabic lesson. I am finally starting to get the hang of it.

We started the day conversing with some local Bedouin adults. They enlightened us about their thoughts on the history, lifestyle, and development of the village. I was especially inspired by the women, who discussed the often incorrect, skewed view of the Arab and Muslim world portrayed by the media and television. As always, I was taken aback by their kindness, honesty, and openness to us.

I then returned to lunch with my host family. All of us ate Biryani, classically complemented with pita bread, hummus, and zaatar. In spite of my broken Arabic and their minimal English, miming and Google translate allowed us to talk about school, friends, and sleeping schedule.

Following, the students all regrouped to drive out to Wadi Rum. Looking out to the u-n-r-e-a-l view of the dessert and mountains, was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I think Wadi Rum might be one of my favorite places on earth now. James and Elley led our “transference”, which was a time dedicated to reflecting and sharing. It’s crazy how much we have done in the past 10 days; I don’t think I can really put it to words and do the trip justice.

At night, I helped my host sisters bake a cake! It really took a whole village: we borrowed oil, flour, and frosting from different neighbors. While feasting on the treat, the kids in my host family taught me some more arabic words: sahara (dessert), kurt (monkey), hamama (pigeon).

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.. I get attached easily, and having to say goodbye to my new family just when I got comfortable was difficult. The worst part was that I couldn’t articulate how grateful I was for their generosity. I do plan on staying in touch with them through Whatsapp and Snapchat, though, so this is not really goodbye.

Now, we are on our way to Madaba, the last stop before we hop on our flight back home!!


(pictured below–journaling in Wadi Rum yesterday)