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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Masamora de quinoa with apple compote

This is our second and a half dessert. It’s very similar to pudding. You need Cinnamon sticks (1-2ish), Quinoa, 1 Star anis, water, 400g condensed milk, 400g normal milk, 2 tbsps corn starch, and 3 tbsps sugar.

Wash the quinoa and put it in a pot with water, the cinnamon and star anis to boil.

Boil it for about 40 minutes

As the quinoa boils make your apple compote

You need 2 green apples, water, both ground and stick cinnamon, a star anis and 1 cup of sugar.

This is super easy.

You wash, peel, and core your apple.

Cut them in half and thinly slice them

Put the slices in a pot of some water with the cinnamon stick and the star anis to boil

Add the sugar

Once the apple is fully cooked put it on a plate and sprinkle ground cinnamon over it.


Add the milk, condensed milk and sugar to the pot of quinoa once fully boiled and water has been dissolved

Keep it at a low boil until it reduces

Disolve corn starch into a little bit of water and mix into the pot with the quinoa.


I messed up with the amounts today as in I didn’t get them all right. Sorry, I’ll get them all tomorrow.

Either way with or without the right amounts, it was really good. The quinoa was really rich and the apple was an excellent way to cut the richness.