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Ahlan! Reporting back with some more detailed thoughts on our experience at the skate park. We are so grateful to the regular attendants at the park who welcomed us so completely, even though we were the outsiders to their space. Even the youngest attendants were far more talented than all of us combined, and all took lots of time to help us.

Some stuck with being pushed along, while Olivia worked on her ollys. Olivia, D’Anique, and James tried out one of the biggest ramps in the park, and Willa went from the straight line to successfully surmounting the hill. Zac flexed his Arabic skills and made close friends with several boys, and we were unable to convince Mr. Emmott to try out some boarding.

Several of us participated in a fun traditional Sudanese dance on the side. They were really impressive — we couldn’t keep up! The dancers did try and teach us, and we were grateful that they even tried to teach us the complicated steps. This was just a warm up for tomorrow, when we will be learning the traditional Jordanian dabke dance.


Willa & D’Anique