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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Off to Trek!

Our group arrived to Boudha this morning after a last quiet morning at our monastery stay. We had a full, thought provoking week at Namo Buddha learning about Buddhism, practicing the fundamentals of meditation, and engaging in thoughtful conversation about the self, feminism, and change.

Tomorrow we will depart for our 16 day trek to Gosaikunda Lake, a sacred lake that attracts thousands of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims each summer. We can expect snow and sun, views into Tibet and conversations with villagers. We will continue the conversations that were started this past week at our retreat and begin new ones about conversation, wilderness, and land use.

We will not have internet access during our trek, but will try to post updates here on the Yak board every few days. You can expect to hear from the group when we are back in 17 days.

[Pictured here is our Program Coordinator, Amrit, going over our trek route, pointing out the villages we will be sleeping in and their elevations, as well as the distances we will walk each day. We should cover around 150 kilometers!]