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Our first day in China

Our first day in china! 第一天在中国! First day in China! Woohoo! After a 13-hour long plane ride, we finally landed in Beijing on Thursday night. We drove for another few hours to a rural village where we stayed with the 寇家 (Kou family) for two nights. On our first day, after a morning full or orientation activities, we hiked all the way up to 野长城 (the Wild part of the Great Wall) and continued to hike along the top of the wall. The hike was strenuous, but it was breathtaking to think about all of the history that is rooted into this wall. After a few slips and falls on the way down, we made our way back to the Kou residence. There, Kou Shushu and Jia Aiyi showed us how they 包饺子 (make dumplings), which we then ate for dinner. All of the homecooked meals here have been incredibly delicious and authentic. With jet lag and exhaustion from the day, all of us crashed early. -Nicole 兖铉 and Arianna 和安