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Our itinerary at-a-glance!

MarHaba again everyone!

James and I wanted to post a simplified version of our itinerary for you all to reference at-a-glance. Parents, we know you’ll appreciate having this on hand. We’ll have more detailed copies for students when they arrive, and we’ll be posting on the yak board at least once per day so you can stay in the loop of the group happenings!

Thursday, March 7th

11:40pm: Group Arrival (inshallah) and head to hotel


Friday, March 8th – Amman

Themes: Orientation and intro to humanitarian work in Jordan

Activities: orientation, safety, group norms, panel with youth workers from international NGO


Saturday, March 9th – Amman

Themes: Minority refugees in Jordan

Activities: Arabic lesson, visit with organization working with minority refugees, group exploration


Sunday, March 10th – Amman

Themes: Syrian, Palestinian, and Iraqi refugees

Activities: Arabic, visit to journalism agency focusing on Syria, visit to refugee community center, tour citadel


Monday, March 11th – Amman

Themes: Palestine, Jordan

Activities: visit to Palestinian high school, talk on LGBTQ issues in Jordan, cultural dance lesson


Tuesday, March 12th – Amman to Dead Sea to Wadi Musa

Themes: Environment and climate change

Activities: talk about environment and water issues, visit to Dead Sea, drive to Petra


Wednesday, March 13th – Petra to Wadi Rum

Themes: Ancient history, tourism

Activities: Petra, drive to Wadi Rum


Thursday, March 14th – Tweisi

Themes: Bedouin culture, homestays

Activities: homestay briefing and Arabic lesson, disperse to homestays!


Friday, March 15th – Tweisi

Themes: Bedouin culture, homestays

Possible activities: visit women’s center, time with families, Arabic and homestay debrief


Saturday, March 16th – Tweisi

Themes: Bedouin culture, gender roles, begin transference

Possible activities: discussion on gender roles, visit to local elder


Sunday,  March 17th – Tweisi to Madaba

Themes: Wrapping it up, transference, reflection

Activities: farewell to host families, travel to Madaba, exploration, final check-ins and dinner before flight (Monday 3/18 1:45am)