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Cambodia Summer Program.

Our very packed first day

Dear friends, family and well-wishers

The group touched down in Phnom Penh airport this morning full of energy and excited to learn. Our bus navigated the crazy streets of the capital city and we went for a welcome lunch in a traditional restaurant. There we tried local delicacies for the first time: spicy curries, pan-fried fish, fresh green veggies and spring rolls…of course with lots and lots of every Cambodian’s favorite – rice!

We then went to a Buddhist “wat” (temple) to meet some monks, who talked to us about their life and beliefs and who also gave us a blessing for the journey ahead. We then spent the afternoon in the beautiful shrine room of the Wat, learning about the trip and Cambodia, and the adventure in store.

By dinner time – which we ate freshly cooked and in the cool night air of Phnom Penh – many of us were fading fast, having realized that all the students had all been up for the entire night in Canada!  We are sure that everyone will sleep soundly tonight and we are excited to start the exploration tomorrow.