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Due to some late nights, we were unable to post a complete retelling of our experience in Petra. We had a long, amazing day hiking — D’Anique, Olivia, Rachel, Ira, Zac, and Willa even conquered some climbing. Many of us completed the “level 3” walk and hike to the monastery high in the “jabel”s (hills), while others explored ancient tombs. Despite our guide’s suggestions, everyone who visited the High Place of Sacrifice returned intact. We were stunned by the landscape, from fish-elephant shaped rocks to stunning desert views, and some tried out transportation via “jamel” (camel). After a long day in Petra, walking up approximately 90 flights of stairs each, we piled into vans for a picturesque drive to Salah’s camp, where we ate a delicious dinner, bonded with Italian tourists, and slept under the stars (for most of the night).