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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Power in Jogja


In Jogja it surrounds us.

The power here is different,




In the way time creeps along,

Then swallows you whole.

Smiling the whole way through.



In a world come alive

With each word learnt.

Through language shared,

We are one.



In a new dish cooked,

A work of art completed.

Silver forged,

Herbs ground,

Mind expanded.



In what we uncover

In the untouched subconscious.

Like the sea,

Deep in our minds we find

The great unknown.

Power gives us the courage

To dive in.



In awareness of self.

In the discovery

That we are the masters

Of our destinies.

We decide who we are

And we feel powerful.



Of the unexplainable.

Spirits abound,

Ghosts aplenty.

The air feels different here.

It hums and thrums,

And makes you believe.



New friends to whom

I am now tethered

For life.

And wouldn’t have it

Any other way.



The force of a mother’s love,

Of a father’s embrace.

A kind gesture on a hard day.

I find here what I feared I left behind.


In Jogja, I feel power.

As we prepare to part from our beloved Jogja homestay families and head East to new adventures in Flores, I want to thank Jogja for welcoming us. Thank you to my family here. I cannot thank you enough for making me one of your own.