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Spring Excursion Itinerary

Hi everyone, Bridge Year Senegal is excited to announce our itinerary for our Spring Excursion. We will be out of Dakar from the 27th of March to the 5th of April with unreliable wifi access. Prepare to hear all about our adventures when we return early April.  This excursion was entirely planned by the students!

March 27th – 31st: We will be traveling by car and boat to Niodior, an island south of Dakar in the Sine Saloum region of Senegal. Here we will spend the first four nights of our excursion in homestays learning about Sereer culture and the community of Niodior. We will explore the ecosystem of the delta and life on the island with an all day fishing excursion, hikes through the mangroves, village wrestling matches, and discussions about migration and women’s life.

March 31st – April 2nd: Students will travel by boat to Ker Bamboung, another island in the delta region. Here we will continue to learn and explore the delta with a Kayaking excursion through the surrounding mangroves.

From April 2nd-5th our group will be traveling to Banjul in The Gambia. Here students will have the unique opportunity to learn about British colonialism, Senegal Gambia relationships, the changing political situation in the Gambia, and the ecosystems on the Gambia river. The students will reconnect with our friend Afia, who lives in the Gambia, to have conversations about colonialism, politics, and life in the Gambia. Activities include a trip to the national museum, Albert market, and an all day excursion to the Abuko Nature Reserve.

On April 5th we will be traveling back to Dakar in time for the Yoff Appel!