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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

This I believe

I believe in long days spent looking out the window, as the world changes and passes. There are bumps in the road beneath but the glass rattles next to your head, the chillness and impact soothes you inexplicably. The air is hot moving north, the Springs and Reef are another world, the wonder and discovery there change everything. I believe in hot night dances, strange songs with strange people. The rock turns dark. I believe in Kangaroo Island and in books that you can’t stop reading. Cool winds and rugged terrain, a visitor nothing more. This I believe.

I believe in stories, in moving pictures and sound. Epic tales, simplicity is transmogrified into something more. Fantasy and imagination enthrall, enrapture forever. Classics and blockbusters, well known and obscure, CGI and animatronics. Now lightsabers, combat, action and movement. This I believe.

I believe in windy beach days, rough smooth sand. It sticks and falls, trickles down. There is warmth and coldness, digging digging, safe. There is no wind now, just towels and sounds of an ocean above. Salt, brine, coolers and sandwiches, and sandy bits of food. This I believe.

I believe in the first bite of warm meals, the broth soaking everything, don’t dip the bread. Clover rolls melt, sandwiches crunch, the fries catch the back of your mouth, scald the top of your tongue. This I believe.

I believe in powder, the air. The taste of wild on its tip, it’s so sweet, unbelievably sweet. The colour is red and soft, the impermanence of the world right in front of you. Clean, pure. This I believe.

I believe in smoky air, peppery, filled with colour. Warm summers in bed, then nonstop action in the sky. Explosions and blackcats, fountains and bonfires. Cellar waves goodbye to Battle of the Hymn Republic. This I believe.

I believe in cold swabs, piercing pain in the dark of night. A glint, rushing, pushing down, fluid injections. A sore spot, a vein, blood drips down my leg, splatters the sheets. Always choose dark sheets. This I believe.