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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Update from Ale Gaun

Hello dear family and friends,

Our group has made its way to Ale Gaun, the location of our rural homestay. Early Wednesday morning we got on a bus and travelled 12 hours and about 300 kilometres to Waling, the closest town to Ale Gaun. We unloaded the bus, put our packs on and hiked 25 minutes up to this beautiful village. It was dark by the time we arrived, but we were all in high spirits as we met our new homestay families. We ate dinner with our families and then all fell soundly to sleep.

The next morning we were able to get our bearings and get to know our temporary home. All our homes are quite close to each other, the furthest being a 7 minute walk away. Each morning we wake early and help our families with chores, go on village walks and hikes and eat delicious breakfasts. After a check-in at our local program house, we dive right into Nepali class with our trusty teacher Uday Ji. For lunch, each of the students play “host” and we have a group lunch in each of their homes. We’ve been doing our ‘life maps’ (a special time where we each get to share with the group about our lives and the important people in them) in idyllic settings around the village. The afternoons are peaceful and calm, free for us to continue our meditation practice from our monastery stay, read, help our families and explore. But we did help move a pile of rocks yesterday to help build (what we think is) a wall for a family.

The pace of our rural homestay is markedly different from our time in Patan. This feels quieter, it is giving us more space to be intentional and present. What a perfect transition from our meditation retreat!

We will be here until the 5th of April. We’ll spend a few days in Pokhara and then be off on our trek! Until then, keep an eye out for some student yaks and photos!