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Crossing the river before summiting 17,500 Pico Austria. Photo by Ella Williams (2016 Fall Semester Photo Contest, 2nd Place), South America Semester.

Update from trek!

Dear friends and family,

We have been receiving regular updates via Satellite communication from the A&A – C team, and all is well on their 7-day trek through the high Andes, ending in the semi-tropical cloud forest in the Yungas region north of La Paz.

Yesterday the group began to descend in altitude after several days circling the dramatic 20,000 foot peak of Huayna Potosí.  They camped near alpine lakes, hiked along the foot of glaciers, and took in sweeping views of the stunning Cordillera Real range.  They are now descending gradually into the Yungas, observing the landscape transform from white, jagged peaks to lush green forests.  The group has now connected to an original Incan roadway, traditionally used to trade goods between the altiplano and the tropical forests below.  Tomorrow, the group will arrive to the beautiful town of Coroico, tucked between the folds of the cloud forest, where they will enjoy a couple of days rest before beginning their homestay in the nearby Afro-Bolivian village of Tocaña.

Expect student updates soon!