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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Urubamaba: Un Mes en 12 Conocimientos

Un Mes en 12 Conocimientos

1: Sometimes I hear noise in languages I can’t understand and there are dogs barking and motos racing each other down the street and people laughing and yelling and I am merely an observer.

2: Inka traditions are visible in everyday life in the small sacrifices for Pachamama, the colorful festivals and the jumbled integration of Catholicism with local beliefs.

3: Hard work- in the completion of limpiando y lavando la casa and then an Almuerzo de Rayes

4: The pieced together Spanish understood by my patient madre was able to form connections deeper than the valleys that surround us.

5: Family is everything. Whether its the family you were born into, have found or decided to keep. Family is everything.

6: The sound of the quena transcends all barriers, allowing, in my heart, the fusion of sentiments between age-old Andean and Chinese folk traditions.

7:The fluid movements of the sport of basketball speaks its own language

8:The smell of adobo and lomo saltado sizzling on every street corner

9:El mercado provides us with Peru’s nutritious frutas: mangos, plátanos, granadillas (provecho)

10:In a town where everyone knows everyone, family is subjective

11:The blue skies here have mothered us too

12: Others will see individuals, struggling against time, money, and space to compete for happiness or freedom. I see a community – a body of people joining together against a common fight. One for all, all for one.

(a poem written collectively about our shared identity of our time in Urubamba) (here are some fotos of our final days) (abrazos a [email protected])