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Welcome to the Jungle

Today we set off early in the morning for a day full of adventure. We began with a quick visit to the local salt pans where we talked a little about the importance of salt to human societies, especially in the tropics, and Gandhi’s Salt March. We then met up with our guide, Manu. We spent a couple of hours hiking into the Goan jungles, where we learned about the ways in which cashew plantations contribute to deforestation. Next up was some time at the waterfall and swimming hole. The students took advantage of the refreshingly cool water, and some even braved a three meter jump. After hiking back to meet the bus, we drove to the coast. We’ll be spending the next two nights at the Peace Garden. After a delicious dinner, we debriefed the last two days. A number of students spoke about the ways in which they’ve been challenged on the trip so far, but how they have been able to learn from those experiences. It was great to hear the students talk about how they see themselves taking risks by participating in a darshan (viewing of the deity) and puja (offering) at a Shiva temple and tasting red ants in the jungle.