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Antigua to San Juan La Laguna

Hola familia y amigos,

Day to was a huge success! It was a long day of travel but we were able to see and do so much. We started in Antigua with a short hike to an overlook of the city and Volcán de Agua. There we started our orientation activities to prepare us for our journey.  This is a busy week in Antigua as the city floods with visitors who come to celebrate Semana Santa. Walking through the cobblestone streets we were able to see families creating colorful and intricate sawdust carpets or “alfombras”in advance of the day’s procession.

On our way to San Juan we stopped at Ichimche’, a Mayan archaeological site in the Guatemalan highlands. Our guide and friend of Dragons, Alex, taught us about Mayan history and language. We also found more of the classic Guatemalan hospitality from local travelers! We’ve settled in for the night on the shores of Lake Atitlán in the town of San Juan La Laguna. Tomorrow we will wrap up our orientation phase and get ready for our homestays on Tuesday.

Buenas noches!