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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Back from Trek

After about two weeks out in the wilderness (so to speak), our group is back in Pokhara after a most wonderful trek. Trekking in Nepal, or at least our particular route, is a wonderful lesson in what it means to be in the “great outdoors” or what our own expectations are when we imagine what it is like to trek in the Himalayas. Many of us imagine snow capped mountains, beautiful rhododendron trees lining a path up to magical views, a fairy forest, being one with wildlife and perhaps even being totally alone. Some of these things are realised. We saw snow capped mountains, rhododendrons often lined our paths, the views were breathtaking and we did often feel like fairies. But we weren’t always alone, we obviously had each other and a 19 person crew without whom this trek would have been near impossible. We sometimes walked on jeep tracks because our paths were also lined by villages. We sometimes camped on the grounds of a tea house or a guesthouse where other trekkers slept in beds with a roof over their heads. It wasn’t always what we imagined, but I think we all agree that it somehow turned out to be much much more.

It’s always bittersweet when treks end; that strange feeling of having gotten into the rhythm of walking and setting up camp, but thinking about the sweet promise of a warm shower and some sort of cold beverage. We are all so grateful to have had this special opportunity to trek the Mardi trail, to forge relationships with our amazing crew, to learn how to truly be together and look out for each other and, just so we continue keeping it real, for some excellent photos. Although these two weeks of trekking are over, we know that the mountains and our hiking shoes will call out to us soon, quietly asking us to come back and stretch our legs and further expand our understanding of what it means to be outside.

Until then, we’ll be here with our fresh lime sodas and excellent smelling hair. 🙂