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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Best of Times, Worst of Times

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Best of times meaning rooftop chats with Fernanda, dancing at Cambodian weddings, searching for peanut butter and jelly in Koh K’sach Tonlea with Solange, getting awful massages in Siem Reap with Solange and Maia, playing guitar and having everyone sing to Anyone Else But You, camping out in Ban Ta Mui, eating slapping chicken then laying by the fire, looking at the stars while playing music, scavenger hunts, entertaining everyone with my impressions, planning a tea heist with Tomás, everyday card games with Solange, taking Hebrew lessons with Maia, sleeping on the sang tau, cave adventures , hugging meditations, eating sticky rice with mango, making new friends with the village dogs, eating croque Monsieurs, having beauty night with Noah and Sawyer, singing show tunes with Skylar on the subway, and Caroline gracefully falling just about everywhere we go.

Worst of times meaning, standing on a 5 hour crowded bus ride, swallowing dirty river water and getting sick, shopping with Maia and having to wait 30-60 minutes at each shop, unprepared safari hikes in Ban Ta Mui, getting a -1 on the poop scale on a hike in the woods, everyone getting sick in Luang Prabang , spending a whole day searching for a Dairy Queen in Vientiane with Noah and Solange and never finding it, almost getting impaled by a motor on the boat in front of us in the caves in Ban Kong Lor, Maia slamming on the sidewalk, storming phases, asthma attacks, and Maia looking for an opera house that never existed.

Spending these past two and a half months on the Mekong have been amazing, through the ups and downs. Every moment has been extremely special.