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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Chiya with the Aunties

Patan was still an unknown city to all of us, after all we had only been there for 2 hours. We were separated into groups of 4 and with one instructor each, we got introduced to what we later know to be our daily walks through the main roads. Equally as exited, the instructors wanted to show us their favorite places they frequented. Shanti, wanting to stay away from the more “western” places you could get tea or coffee that we would inevitably stumble upon , took us to a smaller local tea shop. Passing through a green curtain we saw displayed in the counter a variety of Newari dishes, the aunties smiled as we curiously analysed and  guessed what each one could be. We sat down and ordered. While I took pictures of them I took in every moment and laughed with them at the wordless interaction. They gave us each our warm cup of tea and sat down with one of their own. Needless to say it was the best introduction to Patan.