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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Halfway Through Patan

Our second week of Patan is leaving us with all the feelings that come with spending extended time in one place: excitement, comfort, sickness, curiosity, tiredness, familiarity, and grounding.

This week started off with a Challenge Day. The students arrived to the Program House to find a note telling them to meet the instructors across town. On the way they learned to navigate the bus system, visited Kathmandu Durbar Square, asked directions to museums, and popped into temples. It was a long, but successful and adventurous day.

Independent Study Projects have been under way and now many students are beginning to work on more long-term projects, such a carving picture frames from wood, pounding out pendants from silver, and weaving mats from hemp. In a few weeks they will be giving a presentation about their projects and what they have learned.

We are going into the weekend completing half of our time here in the urban home-stays. We will spend a night at the beginning of next week at a farm just outside the city so we can re-charge, and learn about food production, as well as make momos and spend some time relaxing together.