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Homestay Reflections

As we left San Juan, we wanted to capture the essence of our homestay experience. Here are a few words from the students about their time with their homestay families.

A feeling of awkwardness and being unsure. Yet there was also a feeling of acceptance and family.
-Maggie Strong

Making meaningful or even silly connections with other people is the best thing for your heart.

Communication was choppy and difficult, but more rewarding because of the struggle it brought both sides. Connection was more meaningful and simple things that I was able to share with my family felt deeper.

Through this experience I have learned that no matter where you go there will always be ways that you can connect with people.
-Maddy G

It’s not until you have a real genuine conversation with someone from a different perspective, that you realize hope and generosity have no borders.

It turns out I worried for nothing. My family was so kind, there is amazing food, memories are made, and I ended up loving San Juan.

My first home stay was nerve-wracking because I was solo, and I wasn’t extremely confident holding a conversation with fluent Spanish speakers. After breaking through, and gaining a level of comfort with my family, I realized that I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It ended up being hard to leave San Juan behind.
-Maddie N

My first home today was a very full experience with many different emotions but waking up to the sound of my hostsister laughing, the views of the lake, and cooking breakfast with my host mom brought me lots of joy.
-Maggie C

Siempre di “hola”, nunca “adiós”.

Even though this first homestay was very emotionally draining, there was always a smile or a hug waiting for me whenever I walked in a room. My family grew by four members this week.

I was blessed with kindness and the sense of family.

I will miss all of the friendly faces I met in San Juan. I hope to return some day with my family so I can revive this experience.

it’s surprising when they are no longer strangers and you start to feel mutual understanding.

The day started with food and ended with food in a simple yet happy living.