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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Itinerary Updates

Hello dear family and friends!

Greetings from Sucre where the sun is shining and we are settling into a city that offers a lot of history and new perspectives to our travels in Bolivia. We have processed a lot of moving pieces in our group these last few weeks. Officially passing the one month mark until we say goodbye for now, saying goodbye to Frank in Peru, diving deep into the exploitative history of Cerro Rico in Potosi. With all this in mind we have decided to change parts of our itinerary in Sucre to keep the energy up! The changes are as follows 🙂

4/4: Walking tour in Sucre!

4/5: Expedition phase planning day

4/6: Visit family Garden Project/Agriculture around Sucre

4/7: Day of rest and solo time for each student… and A BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR HENRY, HAMZAH AND ERICK!!! OLE!

4/8: Hike in the Maragua crater and spend the night in the crater

4/9: Hike to the dinosaur prints and hike out to travel to La Paz in the evening


Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

Know that we miss you all and send abrazos from Bolivia!

ps- the photo is from the roof at Teatro Trono in El Alto