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Juancho’s Introduction

Hola Dragones!! Juancho here, Im so excited to be part of this experience with all of you. I fell very inspired after checking your introductions!  Here is a little bit of who I am and Why I am part of this lovely family that I love… Dragons.


I am a Guatemalan, a musician always learning, a guide always exploring, an Instructor with friends in many places, a dad of two lovely souls, an Antigueño de corazón, a photographer with an abstract eye, an video editor working extra hours… sometimes I wear many hats, even on top of each other, but I love what I do.


I grew up in Guatemala city, surrounded by the city life of the 80’s in a part of the city that I would say is pretty and colorful (now), back then not so much, as Guatemala had just experienced war, coups, Democracy and other things that we will discuss later on.


I am an admirer of beauty, that’s why I love photography, music and the many expressions of art. I feel that this are ways and tools I have and look for, to channel what I experience every day and process my own thoughts and ideas.


My father was a musician and a dreamer, my mother is an artist, a business woman and a herbs and medicinal plants lady. So most of the passion I have for life comes from home and maybe in the genes.


Dragons and I first crossed paths in 2009, which gave me this perspective of life that changed the way I perceived my own country (for good). Something that has been strong and inspiring since that first day, is the opportunity that I understood I have as an Instructor to share my experience creating or opening a window to a reality of a country like Guatemala.  I love life and everything about it, I love being curious and creative and using those things as a way to understand a reality or the many realities of a place, a culture or a fragment of history.


I can’t wait to meet you all and embark on this journey that hopefully will answer some of those questions that you may have, but possibly will trigger some more. As an I-team, we want to make sure that we give you the context and tools to find the answers in your own time and space. As an individual, I want to welcome you, show you and guide you while you explore your senses in Guatemala and get inspired.


Nos vemos pronto!!