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Mari kita ke Flores! (Let’s go to Flores!)

Hello everyone!


We will be embarking on our journey to Flores this Sunday, April 21th. Our itinerary is as follows:

4/21: We leave Yogyakarta and land in the Bali airport, where we will sleep overnight.

4/22: We will fly to Ende, Flores, and take a bus to Kalimutu.

4/23: We will explore Kalimutu and do a morning trek.

4/24-4/30: We will travel to Langa where we have our homestays.

5/1-5/4: We travel to Riung and explore the beach and 17 Islands Marine Park (snorkeling included).

5/5-5/6: We will travel to Ruteng and experience the traditional village as well as trekking.

5/7: We leave Ruteng and drive to Labuan Bajo, where leave for Yogyakarta.

Stay tuned for more trip updates!! 🙂