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Más de San Juan!

Another full day of activities in San Juan! Today was the day to meet our host families, start Spanish classes, and explore San Juan la Laguna.

We started the day by hiking Cerro la Cruz which overlooks the town and lake Atitlán. There we met the teachers who would be instructing the students the rest of the week. They led us in activities to practice our Spanish and to assess the level of the group.

After hiking down from the Cerro, we gather to meet at Lemá where we met our host families. Anxieties soon turned to smiles as we were greeted with the generosity and warmth of the families. From there students went their separate ways to have lunch at their home stays and to get to know the families over the next week.

In the afternoon, the group came back together for their first lessons at Eco Spanish School. And what a memorable first lesson it was! they all pitched in to learn how to make corn tamales and later enjoy the feast together.

All is well in San Juan!