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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Nan Yao Cun -​ China Homestay​

Dear families and friends,

We have arrived at our China homestay village this morning. The village is called Nan Yao and it is about 17 kilometers north of Lijiang city.

Nan Yao is at its best this time of year. There are flowers and blossoms blooming everywhere. The temperature here is cool and breezy, yet we can enjoy the warm sunshine all day. Our host families are incredibly welcoming, their generosity and kindness make our time in Nan Yao one of the most wonderful experience.

We all are very determined to practice Chinese with our friends Alyssa, Salonge and Skylar, in hope of a better communication with our host families.

Stay tuned. We would love to share more pictures and stories of this magical place.

Till our next Yak post.

Best regards,

The Mekong Semester ​Team​.