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One Small Change

When I came to Guatemala I wanted a life-changing experience. I thought by coming here big future decisions would be easier, and I thought I’d need to do something crazy to accomplish any goals I had in coming to Guatemala. After spending some time in Guatemala at Chico Mendes and Pachaj I’ve realized that a small change can have a positive impact on your life and other’s lives just as much as a big one can. These past couple of days our group has been transporting dirt for soil and trimming baby trees before they are planted. It seems like such a small task but by doing this we are providing oxygen for generations to come which provides life to all. If I’m able to go home thinking that small changes can have just as much of an impact as large ones I know moving forward my future will be much brighter and I will be able to live with an open mind and an open heart.

-Maggie Collins