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Today’s Travels

Today’s travels took us across Lake Atitlan by boat to visit IMAP, the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute. IMAP is a nonprofit organization that focuses not only on responsible and sustainable agricultural practices, but also on social, cultural, and environmental education. At IMAP we learned about what forces have shaped the political and cultural landscape of Central America and how sustainable agricultural practices are just one of many ways to preserve Mayan culture and tradition.

We were spared the usual afternoon rains during the boat ride back to San Juan La Laguna. We were able to enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains that create the boundary of the ancient caldera in which Lake Atitlan lies.

Upon arriving at the program house and we were greeted by our homestay families to share our last afternoon together. The students enjoyed jam sessions on the patio, hide and seek with homestay brothers and sisters, and trying on local clothing. That’s all for now. Back to the festivities!