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Yesterday was a full day of transference activities at our guest house, Chichavac, near the city of Tecpan. Chicavac is a tree farm that has been family owned for well over a century. The owner, Salvador, was very welcoming and explained the history of the area and the farm. He talked to us about the pin tree, the Pinabete, he grows on the property and how it is facing extinction. It has been sought after as the nation’s Christmas tree, and, in the wild it has been unable to support the country’s demand despite it’s protected status.

Transference is a time to slow things down, come together to enjoy our last days, and process the trip. We had activities to strengthen our memories of the experience and talked about how we would carry the lessons we learned back home. The evening concluded with songs and laughter being shared around a camp fire.

Today we head to Antigua for our last full day in Guatemala. Students will have time to explore the colonial architecture of the city, take in the sights and sounds of Semana Santa, and buy gifts and souvenirs.

We’ll see you all soon!