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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Trek Itinerary in Valle Sondondo, Peru

Hi families,

Today we begin our second to last trek! Below is a brief itinerary before we arrive in the city of Ayacucho, Peru on Saturday the 13th.

Mon April 8th
Leave Puqiou to go to a lookout to see condors. We will not be walking this day. We will also learn about the processing of vicuña (a relative of llama) fur.

Campsite in Andamarca. We will also visit a an archeological site

Tuesday 9th
5 hour walk to our second campsite in Valle Sondondo, Mayobamba. Visit hot springs in the afternoon.

Wednesday 10th
6 hour walk to Sondondo where we will make camp. Today we will see some special cactuses named Pullas Raymondi. In Sondondo, we will visit the home of Guayman, an early historian of Peru.

Thursday 11th
3 hour hike to visit a cuy (Guinea pig) farm.  Arriving in Aucara we will spend two nights learning from the community in homestays.

Friday 12th
Homestay in Aucara, spend the day with families. We will participate in a traditional cooking method known as pachamanca.

Saturday 13th
Morning bus to Ayacucho. Arriving in the city around 4pm. Students will post yaks about the trek here in Ayacucho. Look out for yaks on Sunday and Monday!


The instructors