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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Veintidos Días Más

Days are winding down on our three month long expedition. Here in Sucre, we all had a free day to reflect upon this fact. For me, the experience has far exceeded my expectations and goals to say the least. The current X-phase planning process is a testimony to our growth and development as a group: the way we communicate and collaborate has improved significantly since the days of the Lares Trek. I am excited to execute the plans during X-phase.

So far for X-phase, what we have on the plate are a five-day trek in the Andean mountain range near Sorata where we will be peaking at 5,300 meters of altitude near a much anticipated glacier lake. Following a day of rest in La Paz, we will be off to Guanay where we journey down the river, eventually merging with Rio Beni and staying with a local community named Asuncion. Our X-phase will currently terminate in Rurrene Barque where we will fly back to El Alto for transference three hours away from the city.

What adventures and challenges lie ahead of us I do not know, but I do know we are a group of resilience and will trump all obstacles in an efficient manner. For this expedition, we are only prepared for the unexpected. We will face our fears of heights, of insects, and of ourselves. However, they are not important, at this point we are all seasoned travelers with sufficient language and cultural fluency. To dwell upon these fears would not do justice to the 60 plus days that we have already spent in South America. AAB is on a mission.