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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

X-Phase Itinerary

Hola amigos,

Over the past week and a half we have been working hard to plan our upcoming X-Phase. Here is our tentative itinerary:

April 10th: Night in La Paz, trek prep and day of rest.

April 11th: Leave early and arrive in Sorata midday where we will finish trek prep and spend the night in a hostel in town. Sorata is a small city at the base of the mountain range we will be trekking through.

April 12th-15th: We will begin a 4 day long trek concluding with a day hike to a glaciated lake high in the Cordillera Real at about 16,000 ft elevation. We will be camping in tents and cooking our meals, along with our guide, Ricardo.

April 16th: Hike back to Sorata and spend one night there to recuperate.

April 17th: Bus back to La Paz. Day of prep for the Amazon and one night in a hostel.

April 18th: Long bus ride from La Paz to Guanay and one night in Guanay hostel.

April 19th-20th: Travel by boat along the Rio Beni through Amazonian communities. We will be sleeping in tents along the river and traveling inland at various points to visit ecological sites and learn about the rainforest ecosystem.

April 21st-23rd: Arrive by boat to Ausuncion where we will spend time with local communities, learning about the cacao harvest.

April 24th-25th: Arrive by boat to Rurrenabaque. Stay two nights in hostel, learning about biodiversity and conservation. This will be the last leg of our Amazon adventure and the final step in the student planned X-Phase.

April 26th: 11 AM flight into La Paz. From there we will head to our transference site a few hours away and begin to process the 3 months we’ve spent together.

April 27th-30th: Transference at Sol y Luna Ecolodge.

April 31st: Flight back to Miami and return home!