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Is it fact or fiction? Am I awake or asleep? Flooding my eardrums is the sound of hard work. Nimble fingers fabricate transic creations while the sound diversifies the before silent air. As I gain consciousness, I realize the sounds are legit.The cacophony grows louder and louder, and the swells of noise bring me to absolute life. A stride through time and space brings me to the most important meal of the day. Was it chicken or the golden brown medallion which sits before me that came first? the domesticated beast lies in the throne of infants. As I fuel my corpse, endorphins erupted inside of me, more fiercely than all of the volcanoes in Guatemala erupting under 1,000 blazing suns. In a metaphysical sense, my food transcends the universe. On a molecular level, I do as the Romans do, like the Minoans before me.

My mind and soul hibernate until suddenly I’m traveling at a fraction of the speed of light, cocooned inside of a metal cage headed for the crown of the heavens: the great mountain. Among the spirits on this journey is a soulless passenger; a parasite of joy who embodies hate in its physical denomination. We attempt to rebuild this blundered land by observing the surrounding flora and fauna just as Darwin did. Our finches, however, are the plethora of trees which stand gloriously, forming a vast canopy overhead. Our blood, sweat and toil dwarfs that of both the Romans and the Egyptians in combination. However, I sentiment from the great philosopher and mathematician Chief Keef appears in my mind. “the only boundaries of the human spirit which exists are entirely self-imposed.”

As we descend the mountain sweat drips off my body like the reign of God. I enter the metal box. My soul awakens to the chicken that bears the egg that Genghis Khan once discovered. As various molecules enter my body and become turned into energy that flows into the cosmic cauldron that is thy human body. I then proceed to speak in a foreign tongue until the moon rises. My chakras relax like moss on a Mississippi tree stump, goodnight Moon, goodnight cosmos I say as I slowly lose consciousness and I returned to the land of sleep in which I will spend most of my existence.