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Bienvenidos a Guatemala!

Hola Hola!

I am Monica, I greet you hoping you are very well, and that you are already preparing your trip to Guatemala that awaits you with mountains, many smiles on the streets, new friends, fresh fruit, sunny days, Mayan culture, biodiversity and stories that I am sure will leave a mark on your lives.

I was born in Guatemala City, 31 years ago. About 7 years ago I left the city, tired of the rushed lifestyle,  to give an opportunity to a lifestyle in rural areas. Actually I was giving myself a chance to have a better quality of life.

I was very fortunate to make that decision, which has led me to meet great human beings, people who respect and care for the earth and the others. People who like to laugh with you, with their neighbors, with a stranger, people who explain how to get from one place to another with patience, friendly people who share their stories, sometimes very hard but necessary to tell, to make visible realities that have been forgotten. People who having very little resources have shared with me delicious traditional dishes, made with great delicacy and solidarity.

I started to get to know another Guatemala, which I had never heard about before at school or at college. To me that has changed my life, and now I want to go together with you to the mountains to understand that although we come from different places, hugs and laughter are a universal language and happiness is contagious … let’s enjoy this adventure!

This will be my first course as an instructor with Where there be dragons, although I knew about the Dragons because in previous years they have visited organizations where I have lived and worked. Currently I distribute my work in social graphic design and planning and development courses. In recent years I decided to focus my work only on topics of my interest; these have been food sovereignty, permaculture, holistic health, art and others and this is what led me to work with wonderful organizations that Dragons partners with. Now I will be on the other side, visiting my old homes with you.

Together with Raquel and Randall we will be the instructors of this program and we are already preparing to make this course an unforgettable experience for all.

I look forward to meeting you soon in person, I leave my email for any questions you may have: [email protected]