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Bienvenidos a Peru

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to this program! My name is Gabriel. I was born and raised in Peru, the amazing country you are about to explore, get to know, and hopefully fall in love with. I’m from the capital, Lima, where we won’t spend much time, but I’ve travel extensively around my country and will help you navigate it during a full month.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself: I played football for the University of Lima, where I studied Industrial Engineering. Once I finished university, I went straight to work in tourism as a surf instructor (although its been quite a bit since the last time I stepped on a board) and leader of educational outdoor trips in different countries such Morocco, Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Peru and Spain.

I have a passion to learn new languages. I’m fluent in Spanish (my mother tongue), English, and Portuguese and I have a good conversational level of French (If you speak French, we should practice). I have lived in the U.S., Costa Rica, and Morocco, where I got a basic knowledge of Arabic and switched coffee for mint tea. I love the outdoors, taking landscapes pictures, hiking, different types of music, drinking coffee while reading a book and playing sports.

These days I’m a High School Teacher at an International School in Portugal, where I teach ESL, Science, and Politics & Economics. My goal is to deliver the best possible education, encourage creativity, and form Global Citizens that truly want to change the world for a better and more empathetic one. My plan for the next few years is to study a Master program in Portugal and then return to Peru or move to the Middle East.

For the last 6 years I’ve been switching countries and cities. I’m very happy to return to Peru and explore it one more time with you guys. We will explore the jungle, watch and listen to their living creatures and enjoy the sound of silence. The Andes, with its huge and beautiful mountains, will amaze and challenge us. Every sunset will be an opportunity for reflection. Everyday is an opportunity for growth, for interactions between our group and with the locals. Time will fly and before you realize it, you’ll be back to your life, so take advantage of every moment that the trip will offer you. Come ready to receive and give. Come ready to learn from others and about yourself.

You will see a different type of life, of ways to do things, to greet, to eat, to travel, different points of view. You will not encounter this only with the locals in Peru, but in our own group… all these experiences will be perhaps new and challenging, but all beautiful and learning ones.

I’m excited for you, who decided to do this trip. Traveling is a learning experience. This learning is not found inside a class and it doesn’t have a schedule of topics to learn. The travel experience will teach you what you need to learn, at the moment you need to learn it.

Along with my two great co- instructors, we want to let you know that we are here to support you, to guide you throughout the whole journey you are about to embark upon. We won’t be tourists, we’ll be travelers! Learn as much as you can about Peru and bring questions!

I am looking forward to meeting each of you, and would be thrilled to answer any question that you have before embarking.

Gabriel Berrocal

pd: Quick suggestion: Pack everything on the packing list! Don’t overpack, come light!