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Bolivia Climate Change Educator Instructor

Saludos! Greetings! This is Stephen here, one of your two instructors on the upcoming Bolivia Climate Change Educator course. We have been getting things rolling over the past week and I am very excited to meet you all soon. I have led the course twice already and each time is is a unique, inspiring and reassuring experience for me and for everyone involved. I wish the same for the time we will spend together and look forward to learning your stories (climate related and otherwise!) and sharing the with you a few of my own as well as many more from the people, communities, landscapes and cities we will be visiting with in July.

When I first visited Bolivia, to meet up with my soon-to-be wife and visit her forest history research site in the Chiquitania, I was captivated by the people and ecology and remarkable history on both regional and, today, global scale. I call it the Andean Diaspora and while of course it emanates from throughout the Andes, you’ll soon understand why the country has so much to teach us about our impact on the environment and with each other and how we are all truly immersed in the same challenge: addressing a relationship that is out of balance.

It’s on the reading list but I will highlight it again here, please consider reading Charles C. Mann’s fascinating works 1491 and 1493. You’ll soon be pulled in to learning all you can about the Central Andes, where we will meet for the first time on July 1st, a mere thirty-four days away! Hasta pronto!