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A sadu sitting along the ghats of the Ganges River. Photo by Jen Goings, India Semester.

Can’t Wait!

Dear Regina and Aditya:

Sarah and I are so thrilled that our great adventure begins in only two weeks. We are wrapping up our responsibilities at Thacher this week, with graduation on Saturday, so it is all beginning to seem very real now. I want to thank you ahead of time for all the work you have done to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us: I know that the itinerary could change somewhat, but the major elements of the course are so exciting to contemplate. Eating Indian food in Santa Barbara last night, I couldn’t stop talking to Susan (my wife) about the places we plan to visit and activities in which we plan to participate. I think the fact that all our visas have come in and all the official preparations are nearly complete adds to my sense of glee. I am now able to relax about those delicate details and start imagining the remarkable things we are about to absorb. For me, the spiritual and artistic components of our course will be particularly gratifying, but after three Dragons partnership courses, I know that I should not predict too much. I am ready to be surprised once again!

We have a fabulous group of students coming to India. Though Will is the only male, he is used to the imbalance, and one might say he actually thrives in it! We have some real veteran travelers and some not-so-experienced, but I am confident that they will jump into the course with full energy and creativity. Two rising sophomores, Daisy and Keira, will join Will and Anna (rising seniors) and eight rising juniors–all women: Victoria, Saga, Dechen, Chisom, Kennedy, Molly, Joi, and Lizbeth.We have artists, scholars, riders, writers, politicians, athletes–you name it: we are a diverse group of fun-loving and deep-thinking students eager to have our minds altered forever.

And . . . Dear Parents: thank you for entrusting Sarah and me with your children. You can check this Yak Board every few days to trace our journey and read some posts from your kids. I will also be in touch with you individually if the need arises, but remember”: no news is good news! I hope some of the students will post in the next two weeks before we depart, just so we start the ball rolling and get in the habit.

All the best,