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Final Goodbye

At 7:00 am on May 31st, the Bridge Year Indonesia cohort graduated from baby dragons, to becoming fully grown toddler dragons!  Last week, we had our final farewell party which was a huge gathering of the dragons community in Jogja.  Friends from UMY, Kotagede, NGOs and other events all gathered in the program house for a huge break fast and thank you concert from the Indonesia squad.  It was an amazing night and a great way for us to say goodbye to Jogjakarta, our home for the past 8 months.  The end of the program has been full of mixed emotions, at least for me.  I’m sad to be saying goodbye to my friends in Jogja, and in the group, yet filled with so much excitement for my next 2 months of travel!  We all have super amazing travel plans after the program ends, and no one is going directly to the states on May 31st (with the exception of Chrissy).

Noa left for France on the morning of May 31st where she is spending two weeks.
Esha is staying in Jogja until June 10th when she will return back to the States.
Isaac is staying in Jogja with his family until June 6th, when he will depart for Malayasia, then a solo trip in China.
Naomi is traveling on a crazy string of flights that will take her to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and to Switzerland where she is staying with an old friend.
Alex is traveling to Nepal on June 9th, then to India for a meditation retreat.
Jon is joining Alex in Nepal and India, then he is returning to Indonesia to travel to Sumba and return to Jogja with his family.
Ashley is traveling to China on June 9th (and hopefully seeing Isaac there).
Oscar is traveling to Singapore, Lombok, and then returning to Jogja.  He is also joining Jon in Sumba.
Chrissy is going to the states on May 31st, but then returning to Indonesia in only a few short months!
Sani & Lutfi will be in the Sierras for Dragons orientation, then Sani will be coming to Princeton in August for Princeton orientation!

Thank you all, our loyal Yak board readers! We can’t wait to continue telling stories and sharing our experience when we all get back home!